OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A bill that would ban the use of corporal punishment on students with disabilities has passed the Oklahoma House of Representatives after initially failing.

House Bill 1028 would ban spankings and paddling on students with disabilities.

It was authored by Rep. John Talley (R-Stillwater), who says physical punishment on students with special needs does not belong in the classroom.

“Accountability and grace go hand in hand,” said Talley.

Last week, dozens of Republicans voted against the bill.

“It is plain that it is the will of the Lord wants us to use God’s word and God’s counsel as we make laws for the State,” said Rep. Jim Olsen (R-Roland), arguing against the bill and in favor of corporal punishment.

The Republican from Roland called on God’s word to guide his decision Tuesday.

“If you will not use the rod on a disobedient child, you do not love that child. That’s what the book said,” argued Olsen.

Democrats were not impressed with Olsen’s arguments.

After the bill failed to get a majority vote, Talley asked for the bill to be brought up again when more representatives were present.

That happened on Monday and it passed 84-8.

The measure now heads to the Senate.