OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – In his inaugural address Monday, Governor Kevin Stitt laid out his plans for the next four years. 

Education is the topic that most widely discussed. 

Governor Stitt and his supporters in the legislature supported a voucher program last year. Vouchers give parents the ability to use tax dollars to pay for private school education.

The Governor says the goal is to give parents the power to choose what’s right for their kids. 

“It’s time to rethink education in Oklahoma,” said Stitt. “It’s time for the tough conversations to address what’s working, what’s not.“ 

Governor Stitt said he wants more schools, not less. He praised the Aviation Academy in Norman, a school that gives teenagers the opportunity to develop skills in the aviation industry. 

“We must give students more access to learning methods that fit their unique needs,” said the Governor. 

The 28th Governor of Oklahoma also wants to keep the spirit of making Oklahoma a top ten state. 

In a gubernatorial debate last October, Stitt said being top ten is “aspirational.” 

He wants to get there through fiscal responsibility.

“We built the largest savings account in Oklahoma’s history,” said Stitt. “The foundation for a top ten future.” 

Along with the Governor, eight other statewide elected officials were sworn in. 

The list includes:

  • Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell 
  • Attorney General Genter Drummond
  • State Superintendent Ryan Walters 
  • State Treasurer Todd Russ 
  • State Auditor Cindy Byrd 
  • Corporation Commissioner Kim David 
  • Insurance Commissioner Glen Mulready 
  • Labor Commissioner Leslie Osborn 

Governor Stitt strongly supported Ryan Walters in his bid for state superintendent. 

Walters is a proponent of school vouchers, something Stitt supported last year. 

Vouchers give parents the option to use tax dollars, as they see fit, for their child’s education. The idea being that money would be spent on a private school education, which a family would otherwise not afford. 

“What I’m going to continue to do is I’m going to fight for parents, fight for their empowerment,” said Walters after the inauguration. 

“Money should follow the kid,” continued Walters. “Every parent should be able to make any decision they want with their kid in their funding that came from taxpayers should follow that.”