OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Representative Mickey Dollens of Oklahoma City questioned the language of House Bill 4327 and said mothers should seek to claim their zygote as a dependent on tax returns, along with filing for life insurance on a fertilized egg.

He took to Twitter Friday morning to share his thoughts about potential changes to tax and insurance claims.

“My point with making this post is that consistency is a foundation of virtue and that if they’re going to pass laws, you have to hold their feet to the fire and make sure that it’s consistent across the board,” said Dollens.

He went on to say, theoretically if someone were to visit Oklahoma from outside of the country, any baby that was conceived in the state could be considered a U.S. citizen. If life starts at fertilization, as opposed to birth, then the law would need to change.

HB4327 states that life starts at fertilization. This bill was signed by Governor Kevin Stitt on May 25.

Representatives Wendi Stearman and Sean Roberts, authors of the bill, did not return News 4’s request for an interview or a statement regarding this issue.

The ACLU has mentioned their intent to file a lawsuit against the state over HB4327. Presumably the language will be challenged and clarity will come from what the court’s decide.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma sent News4 a statement:

“Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma (BCBSOK) is currently assessing Oklahoma Senate Bill 1503 and House Bill 4327. The bills have been challenged in court, and BCBSOK is monitoring the docket for the Oklahoma Supreme Court’s decision to determine the most appropriate guidance for our customers and members. We have processes in place to identify and pend claims for services in Oklahoma that may be impacted by this law.”

Both the Oklahoma Insurance Department and the Oklahoma Tax Commission said each will continue to apply laws as they are currently written.