OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma senators unanimously approved a measure that would help birth mothers who put children up for adoption.

On Tuesday, the Senate approved Senate Bill 187, authored by Sen. George Burns, (R-Pollard.)

“This is a pro-family measure as it supports birth mothers who wish to place their child in a safe and loving home through adoption,” Burns said. “We continue to see costs for basic necessities rise, and this bill will help these mothers pay for utilities, food, travel and other allowable childcare costs.”

The measure increases the amount birth mothers can receive for living and transportation expenses through the adoption process.

The limit is currently $1,000 but Senate Bill 187 would raise it to $3,500.

“This increase doesn’t cost the state any money as costs are paid for by the adoptive parents, their attorney, or a child-placing agency assisting the birth mother with these expenses,” Burns said.

SB 187 can now be considered by the Oklahoma House of Representatives.