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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A new bill is headed to the governor’s desk that would allow autonomous robots to deliver packages and groceries to your door.  

Representative Logan Phillips presented the bill on the House of Representatives floor yesterday.  

He says it will work quicker and more efficiently than the current process.  

“It sits inside of a delivery truck. Instead of him having to go to each house individually, he’ll unload the drones and drop the packages individually to you so it speeds up the process,” said Phillips.

Phillips argues Senate Bill 706 is the key to progressing the technology of Oklahoma, which would create the jobs of the future.

He said, “If you’d like to see the future of technology and the future of jobs, this is the type of technology you need to embrace if Oklahoma wants to be the heartland of technology.”

Representative Mickey Dollens argues the new technology will come with a price.  

“The gig economy is an important part of Oklahoma’s economy right now. Many people help make ends meet at the end of the month by driving uber or delivering groceries.”

Other states have implemented the technology, but Dollens fears this will put Oklahoman workers out of a job.  

“It’s all about the bottom line. Robots don’t ask for raises, they don’t get sick, they don’t unionize. Anytime they have the opportunity to replace a human worker with a robot, they will do that,” said Dollens.  


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Phillips says he believes the technology will create more jobs in the future and that the innovation is needed.

“Now we are living in a telesociety. More and more packages are coming to our homes. More of us are working at home more, so the job skills needed and the speed of delivery is increasing dramatically,” he said.

The bill heads to the governor’s desk now for consideration.