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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The president of the Oklahoma 2nd Amendment Association has now apologized to the Senate Pro Temp after calling for him to be voted out of his office earlier this week.

“I often accuse Republicans of being the problem, when I actually probably contributed to that problem,” Don Spencer, President of the Oklahoma 2nd Amendment Association, told KFOR.

On Thursday, Spencer issued a public apology to Senator Greg Treat, R-Oklahoma City, for what he’s now calling a senseless mistake.

“I respectfully just disagreed with Senator Treat and in a moment of frustration; I requested for him to be voted out as a Pro Temp,” Spencer said.

The disagreement was over HB 1236, which has 76 Republican authors.

The measure would have allowed the state to not comply with executive orders that are deemed unconstitutional.

“SB 1236 had a multiple of protections in it, from second amendment to oil and gas and all types of things that are protected against federal overreach,” Spencer said.

It passed the House 79-18.

Once in the Senate earlier this week, Treat made an amendment.

“It adds a duty to the AG of the state of Oklahoma to monitor executive actions of the federal government and to determine if the actions are in violation of the 10th amendment to the United States constitution,” Treat said on the Senate floor.

It ultimately gives the AG money to challenge federal actions of that nature in court.

It’s a move that Spencer doesn’t agree with. He liked the bill as it was originally written.

However, he says he should never have called for Treat to resign or be voted out as Pro Temp.

“I won’t make an excuse for my passion, there’s just no excuse for the overreaction that I made,” Spencer said.

Treat’s office told KFOR they had no comment when we called Thursday morning.

During his media availability on Thursday afternoon, Treat made a brief comment.

“Don Spencer has issued a couple of public apologies. I haven’t talked to him,” ​Treat said.

HB 1236 passed in the Senate 33-14.

However, the House decided to draft a new bill, HB 1237, which is slightly different.

It would allow the legislature to hire attorneys to challenge the federal government, if the AG chooses not to do so.

That bill has not yet been heard in the Senate.