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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Second Amendment supporters held a rally at the Oklahoma State Capitol on Tuesday as the Sooner State moves another step closer to becoming what is referred to as a “second amendment sanctuary.”

The Oklahoma House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 631, the ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary State Act’, on Tuesday.

That legislation states that any order demanding the confiscation, buyback or surrender of firearms infringes upon Oklahomans’ Second Amendment rights.

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Oklahomans gathered at the State Capitol in support of Second Amendment rights.

Those at Tuesday’s rally say their liberty is being infringed upon after President Joe Biden announced a crackdown on guns, issuing six executive orders aimed at curbing what he calls an epidemic following several recent mass shootings.

Oklahomans rallying at the State Capitol see the situation differently from Biden.


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“There’s a lot of language, a lot of liberty people are concerned about the federal government squeezing things down, and we’re here to let our legislators know we support them and we want them to protect us,” said Don Spencer, president of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association.

SB 631 now heads to Gov. Kevin Stitt’s desk.

The State Legislature has several active bills dealing directly with protecting gun-related rights.