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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma House Representatives introduced 15 bills to counter rising inflation the first day of the 2022 special session.

Six of the bills were related to eliminating grocery taxes. Three of them were for reducing personal income taxes. There was a franchise tax suspension bill and a plan to phaseout corporate income taxes after 8 years.

“The Governor has really been pushing the idea of keeping budgets flat and keeping budgets where they were when he came to office so we’re going to grant him that and make the Governor’s Office budget the same when Governor Kevin Stitt got elected,” said Representative Ryan Martinez, Republican of Edmond and author of the proposed bill.

The House will hear these bills Tuesday on the floor. On Wednesday, they will vote.

Senator Greg McCortney said that the Senate will not rush to pass the inflation relief bills because they want to make sure that best plans are acted upon.

“While the Senate wants as much inflation relief as humanly possible for the people of Oklahoma, we will be the responsible people in the building as well,” said Senator Greg McCortney, Republican of Ada.

Governor Kevin Stitt called lawmakers to the 3rd Special Session for them to tackle rising inflation. He wanted something more than $75 stimulus checks proposed by the House.


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Senator McCortney said he doesn’t want this process rushed because of political agendas.

Both him and Rep. Martinez said that because this session was called by Governor Stitt, they expect more input from the Governor’s office.

“He didn’t warn us that he was calling special session, and then after he did he didn’t actually contact us and communicate to us what his desires were for this session,” said McCortney.