OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma Senate bill that failed on the Senate floor on March 9 was reconsidered on Monday and passed.

Senate Bill 1708 would allow grocery store and convenience store employees that are at least 16 years old to unload and stock beer. 

SB1708’s author, Senator Lonnie Paxton, R-District 23, said on the Senate floor on March 14 that he felt he didn’t adequately explain what the intent of the bill was, which led to it failing on the floor the first go around with a 21-20 vote. 

“Members, I appreciate the option to reconsider this vote that had failed last week. I talked to several members about this bill. This is the bill that is a request of the Grocers Association,” said Sen. Paxton during SB1708’s second time on the Senate floor. “Apparently I did not do a really good job explaining that last time because some people thought this would allow 16 year olds to work in liquor stores or serve liquor behind a bar. It does not. This is just concentrated on grocery stores and convenience stores to move the age from 18 to 16 when you’re checking out so they don’t have to go find somebody that’s over 21 to come and swipe the card so they can check out a bottle of wine.”

SB1708 passed off the Senate floor Monday, March 14 with a 35-11 vote. It will now move to the House for consideration.