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CLINTON, Okla. (KFOR) – An Oklahoma State Representative alleged threatening text messages were sent to him and his wife last week by an Oklahoma group – now, his wife has filed protection orders in Custer County and the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is looking into it.

The representative’s wife stated in the protective orders that the messages were “concerning and unsettling.”

Five protection orders total were filed – four of them contain the names of Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, or OCPA, members.

“I never dreamed when I started this that, I knew I’d be called all sorts of things and had my thrown my way and I was prepared for that,” said Rep. Anthony Moore, R-Clinton, as he alleged, he and his wife received threatening text messages. “I was not prepared for what I had to go through last week.”

Moore didn’t dive into what the alleged messages said, but Moore said he and his wife got threatening texts sent to them on Wednesday night. He said they reported it to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation the next morning.

“We took the steps necessary to protect my wife,” he said.

Four of the five protection orders contain the names of Ray Carter, Jonathan Small, Hallie Milner and Dave Bond. All of them are listed on the website as being involved with the OCPA.

“They see me as an incredible threat to the propaganda and issues that they were trying to push,” Moore said. “There’s not a race in the world, there’s not a job in the world. there’s not an amount of money in the world worth losing your integrity.”

The OCPA also fired back in a statement:

“To the best of our knowledge, no OCPA staff member has ever communicated with, or attempted to communicate with, Rep. Moore’s spouse, in any way, at any time.

While some staff members may, in their personal time, get involved in campaigns, none of that activity is done on behalf of OCPA. And again, so far as we know, none of that activity has ever involved any contact or attempted contact with Rep. Moore’s spouse. The use of the court system to attack and smear policy opponents is beyond the pale.”

Trent England, OCPA’s David & Ann Brown Fellow

“This was a step too far and I did what I had to do to protect my family,” Moore said.

Moore also alleged the OCPA recruited people to run against him and run attack pieces. But Moore also said as a former prosecutor, he wants to leave the rest to investigators.

“They’ve got the report and they’ll decide whether crimes being committed or not,” Moore said, speaking more directly of the district attorney’s office.

A statement was also issued by Moore’s wife on Facebook:

“After an OSBI investigation confirmed the harassing and threatening text messages sent to my personal phone last week were sent by the staff of OCPA, hiding behind the name People for Opportunity, I have decided to request protective orders today in Custer County District Court.

To protect myself and my children, I have sought protective orders against the leaders of the special interest organization: Jonathan Small, Dave Bond, Ray Carter and other staff and accomplices.

When my husband, Rep. Anthony Moore, entered public service two years ago, we knew we would have to endure lies and untruths told about his record in office, but never did we imagine that I would become the target of personal and threatening attacks.”

Rachel Moore

The OSBI sent a statement saying they’re looking into the situation, but cannot comment further due to an ongoing investigation. They said, in part, that they will “take appropriate action as the investigation warrants.”