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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Right now, Governor Kevin Stitt has one of the strongest abortion bills in the country sitting on his desk waiting to be signed, but new polling information shows that the majority of Oklahomans might not be in favor of it.

New numbers are out that shows support for abortion restricting legislation might not be as strong as some lawmakers claim, as a bill that bans all abortions in Oklahoma could take effect this week.

“When I told my daughter, she thanked me for not killing her, that’s literally what she said.. that wasn’t a political statement for her that just how she felt,” said Rep. Denise Crosswhite Hader.

There was heart felt debate on the Oklahoma State House floor last week as lawmakers passed HB 4327.

It would allow anyone to sue physicians who perform, aid or abet in abortions after conception.

“Limiting access to abortion will not stop it. It will only stop safe access to them,” said Rep. Maureen Turner.

The Governor has said he will sign any anti-abortion legislation that hits his desk, with its emergency clause, when signed, HB4327would take effect immediately.

“I represent all 4 million Oklahomans, they overwhelming, overwhelming, do not support abortions in the state of Oklahoma,” said Gov. Kevin Stitt.

But new polling data does not completely support that claim.

A poll taken by Amber Integrated, published in The Oklahoman, shows of the 500 registered Oklahoma voters asked, only 31% would support a total ban on abortion if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade; 55% of those surveyed did not want a total ban.

New polling by Cole, Hargrave, Snodgrass and Associates, of Oklahoma City, shows of the 500 registered voters polled in May, 41% said they always or usually vote for the “pro-life” candidate in a race, down from 47% in an October survey by the firm.

“I don’t make my decisions based on polling. My job as an elected official is to protect individual rights, specifically the right to life,” said Sen. Nathan Dahm of Broken Arrow.

“You know that polling doesn’t surprise me. They are not in favor of such a draconian anti-abortion law,” said Rep. Mickey Dollens.

The Democrat from Oklahoma City making national headlines for his comments during the bill’s debate last week.

“A bill that I’m considering next year, that would mandate that each male, when they reach puberty, get a mandatory vasectomy, that’s only reversible when they reach a point of financial and emotional stability. This tongue in check proposal has really brought to light a lot of hypocrisy especially from those who feel it is ok to regulate a females reproductive system. But the moment you talk about regulating a male’s reproductive system, they completely have lost their minds.”

Rep. Mickey Dollens

But some Republicans say it’s about saving lives.

“There will be those that come up with these options that they think somehow is exposing an inconsistency with us, but no, we believe that our responsibility and job is to protect the life of the innocent unborn child,” said Dahm.

Again, the Governor has yet to sign HB4327, but that is expected as soon as tomorrow.