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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The Oklahoma House of Representatives passed two proposed alcohol bills on the floor Wednesday that would amend current state law.

The two bills are Senate Bill 1708 and Senate Bill 1784.

Bill 1708 is simply a workforce issue that has been requested by the Oklahoma Grocers Association. This will allow for high school kids to fully perform their jobs in a licensed grocery store/convenience store,” said Representative Ryan Martinez, R-District 39, who is the House author of the bill. “So basically what’s happening is you have a high school kid and a 16 year old that gets employed by a grocery store. You know, they’re working the checkout line. They’re trying to scan somebody out while they happen to have a bottle of wine. That leaves that customer waiting there. They have to go hunt somebody down to help them.”

SB1708 originally didn’t pass off the Senate floor. However, it was heard by the full Senate for a second time and did pass back in March 2022.

SB1708 passed on the House floor with a 57-35 vote. It now moves back to the Senate for enrollment.


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The second proposed bill, SB1784, also dealing with employee age and alcohol.

Senate Bill 1784 increases the available workforce for distributors of beer, wine and spirits by allowing 18 year olds to deliver and merchandise when accompanied by a 21 year old employee,” said Representative T.J. Marti, R-District 75, who is the House author of the bill.

SB1784 passed on the House floor with a 68-21 vote. It will now go back to the Senate for enrollment.