OKLAHOMA (KFOR) – Sports betting could be coming to Oklahoma. Republican state representative, Ken Lutrell, proposed the legislation Thursday, which would make sports betting legal across the state as well as within tribal casinos.

“There are 30 states, and the District of Columbia, that have legal sports betting and nine more states that are considering it this year,” said Lutrell. “With our gaming experience, Oklahoma should have been the leader in this. We have missed that tax revenue for these years.”

House Bill 1027 has already gained a lot of attention from Governor Kevin Stitt’s office and tribal gaming communities.

“I’ve been extremely pleased and excited with some of the comments from the Governor’s office about sitting down and having some meaningful dialog and open conversations with the tribes concerning the impacts, concerning gaming,” said Lutrell.

Lutrell proposed a similar bill last session but it failed. He said the current bill was different because it incorporated tribal gaming on what he called a “sliding scale.” It would allow sports betting with no regulations on gaming institutions they partner with and ask for a small fee depending on how much revenue is made.

“Those are figures that I worked out with visiting with tribal leaders and gaming experts that we felt were fair, that I feel like Governor Stitt will understand that that’s fair to the tribes and fair to the citizens of the state of Oklahoma.”

He said the bill will likely undergo some small revisions and will be heard in committee in February.