OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Although lawmakers at the Oklahoma Capitol continue to pass legislation, Gov. Kevin Stitt says he isn’t planning to sign Senate bills.

On Wednesday, Gov. Stitt rejected Senate Bill 249, which centered around the Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Act and prescriptions.

In a notice to the Oklahoma Senate, Stitt said he plans to veto every piece of legislation until bills that align with his core goals reach his desk.

“Oklahomans elected me to advocate on their behalf and fight for the taxpayer. I take this responsibility seriously and so I cannot, in good faith, allow another year to go by without cutting taxes and reforming education, both of which we can absolutely afford with our $1.2 billion surplus and over $6 billion in savings. Therefore, until the people of Oklahoma have a tax cut, until every teacher in the state gets the pay raise they deserve, until parents get a tax credit to send their child to the school of their choice, I am vetoing this unrelated policy and will continue to veto any and all legislation authored by Senators who have not stood with the people of Oklahoma and supported this plan,” Stitt wrote.

So far, Stitt has already vetoed 24 Senate bills this session.

In recent weeks, a battle has been raging between the Oklahoma House of Representatives and the Oklahoma Senate over how to fund education.

This week, the House proposed a teacher pay raise measure, but tied it to the success of Governor Kevin Stitt’s new education compromise plan, which will take the place of HB 1935 and HB 2775.

Teacher pay raises was once a stand-alone bill, but now it can be eliminated entirely if the other education plans fail to pass. The bill passed the House along party lines and will now head to the Senate.


Oklahoma Politics

But that is where it might go to die.

Senate leadership said it already communicated with the House and Governor that these new education plans will not pass.

“They are playing games and giving false hope,” said Senate Pro Tem Greg Treat, (R-OKC.)

BillStatusDateTitleHouse AuthorSenate Author
Senate Bill 34 Veto4/26Public health; updating statutory references relating to prevention of youth access to tobacco. Effective date.DuelHall
Senate Bill 58Veto4/26Board of Governors of the Licensed Architects, Landscape Architects and Registered Commercial Interior Designers of Oklahoma; extending sunset date. Effective date. EmergencyKendrixDaniels
Senate Bill 60Veto4/26Board of Chiropractic Examiners; extending sunset date. Effective date. Emergency.KendrixDaniels
Senate Bill 86Sent to Governor4/26Higher education; allowing the Board of Regents of Oklahoma Colleges to issue certain obligations.MooreHall
Senate Bill 123Veto4/26Parole; clarifying parole guidelines. Effective date.HumphreyGollihare
Senate Bill 125Veto4/26Law libraries; decreasing frequency of certain required meetings. Effective date. Emergency.WorthenDaniels
Senate Bill 147Sent to Governor4/26Diabetes Management in Schools Act; allowing a school district to stock glucagon; requiring written consent and waiver of liability. Effective date. Emergency.DempseyHicks
Senate Bill 162Veto4/26State Board of Examiners of Psychologists; extending sunset date. Effective date. Emergency.KendrixDaniels
Senate Bill 234Sent to Governor4/25Holidays; designating Veteran Suicide Awareness Day. Effective date.SteagallBergstrom
Senate Bill 249Veto4/26Controlled dangerous substances; defining term; broadening hospice exception from electronic prescription requirement. Emergency.Caldwell (Chad)McCortney
Senate Bill 267Veto4/26Public health; increasing membership of the Advancement of Wellness Advisory Council; broadening jurisdictional areas. Effective date.BoatmanSeifried
Senate Bill 286Sent to Governor4/24Mental health; prohibiting use of mechanical restraints during certain transport by Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services or contracted entity except under certain conditions. Emergency.RoeHoward
Senate Bill 291Veto4/26Victim protective orders; modifying eligibility for filing petition for emergency protective order. Effective date.NewtonMurdock
Senate Bill 292Sent to Governor4/24Sexually transmitted infections; requiring health benefit plans to cover cost of certain serological tests; modifying required frequency of syphilis testing. Effective date.RoeStanley
Senate Bill 293Sent to Governor4/24Hospitals; defining rural emergency hospital. Effective date.BurnsHall
Senate Bill 299Sent to Governor4/26Oklahoma Advisory Council on Indian Education; recreating council until certain date; modifying appointment authority. Effective date. Emergency.VancurenThompson (Roger)
Senate Bill 316Sent to Governor4/26Oklahoma Asset Reduction and Cost Savings Program; providing exemption for institutions of higher education. Effective date.MoorePemberton
Senate Bill 317Sent to Governor4/25Development incentives as it relates to the Local Development Act; modifying certain reporting requirements. Effective date.SneedPemberton
Senate Bill 330Sent to Governor4/24University Hospitals Authority; modifying applicability of certain provisions; exempting amendments to specified agreements from certain procedure. Effective date.McEntireMcCortney
Senate Bill 369Veto4/26Long-term care; modifying certain restrictions on employment. Effective date.McEntireGarvin
Senate Bill 395Veto4/26Income tax refund; providing refund donation checkoff for Recovering Oklahomans After Disaster; creating revolving fund. Effective date.MillerHaste
Senate Bill 404Sent to Governor 4/26Oklahoma Religious Freedom Act; establishing exclusion from certain funds or benefits for certain reasons as substantial burden. Effective date.EcholsDaniels
Senate Bill 410Sent to Governor4/26Elections; modifying prohibited activities at polling place or voting site. Emergency.LepakDaniels
Senate Bill 420Sent to Governor 4/24Oklahoma Crime Victims Compensation Act; increasing time to file certain claim; increasing amounts of certain compensation. Effective date.StairesColeman
Senate Bill 429Sent to Governor4/25Students; allowing students enrolled in certain schools or institutions to wear tribal regalia during graduation ceremonies. Effective date. Emergency.Caldwell (Trey)Montgomery
Senate Bill 442Sent to Governor4/26Health benefit plan directories; directing plans to publish certain information in a publicly accessible manner; requiring reporting to Insurance Commissioner. Effective date.SneedMontgomery
Senate Bill 446Sent to Govenor4/25Military service credit; setting maximum years for certain combined service credits. Effective date.LepakMontgomery
Senate Bill 447Sent to Governor4/26Public Employees Retirement System; providing that certain payments shall not constitute reinstatement of membership in system. Effective date.LepakMontgomery
Senate Bill 452Sent to Governor4/24Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Act; including certain chemicals in the list of Schedule I substances. Effective date.MartiStandridge
Senate Bill 460Sent to Governor4/24Powers of municipalities; regulation of video services systems; modifying definition. Effective date.MartinezThompson (Roger)
Senate Bill 463Sent to Governor4/26Sales tax exemption; extending date for rolling stock exemption. Effective date.HilbertThompson (Roger)
Senate Bill 467Sent to Governor4/26Teachers; creating the Interstate Teacher Mobility Compact Act; providing for creation of Interstate Teacher Mobility Compact Commission. Effective date. Emergency.MillerStanley
Senate Bill 479Veto4/26Soldiers and sailors; expanding definition of uniformed service to include service in the Space Force. Effective date.West (Josh)Stanley
Senate Bill 481Sent to Governor4/25Security of election officials; prohibiting certain actions towards election officials. Effective date. Emergency.BoatmanRader
Senate Bill 488Sent to Governor4/26The Oklahoma Wheat Resources Act; requiring the Oklahoma Wheat Commission to assess a certain fee; modifying certain referendum question. Effective date.PatzkowskyHoward
Senate Bill 534Veto4/26Services for people with disabilities; modifying income limit of Family Support Program. Effective date. Emergency.West (Tammy)Rosino
Senate Bill 539Sent to Governor4/26Insurance licensure; modifying requirements for continuing education courses; requiring licensee to maintain updated information with the Insurance Commissioner. Effective date.SneedMontgomery
Senate Bill 540Sent to Governor4/25Bail bondsmen; removing requirement for applicants for licensure to appear in person for examination. allowing for licensure prior to certain date. Emergency.SneedMontgomery
Senate Bill 550Sent to Governor4/24Higher education; subjecting certain private and out-of-state institutions of higher education to certain standards. Effective date. Emergency.MooreSeifried
Senate Bill 553Sent to Governor4/25Third-party Administrator Act; modifying application and fee requirements for licensees. Effective date.TedfordMontgomery
Senate Bill 563Sent to Governor4/24Medicaid; requiring certain reimbursement of anesthesia. Emergency.McEntireHaste
Senate Bill 571Sent to Governor4/26Long-term care; decreasing and modifying membership of Long-Term Care Facility Advisory Council; changing name. Effective date.RoeMontgomery
Senate Bill 575Sent to Governor4/24Professions and occupations; creating the Janet Phillips Act of 2023; enacting the Counseling Compact and authorizing the Governor to enter into compact with certain jurisdictions. Effective date.RandlemanStephens
Senate Bill 580Veto4/26Housing; modifying certain definition used in the Oklahoma Housing Authority Act. Effective date. Emergency.WallaceHall
Senate Bill 607Sent to Governor4/24Oklahoma Tax Commission; authorization to pay certain membership fees and organizational dues of employees. Effective date.KendrixRader
Senate Bill 617Veto4/26Venue; clarifying proper venue for actions against limited liability companies. Effective date.MoorePaxton
Senate Bill 623Veto4/26Motor vehicles; modifying references to Service Oklahoma. Effective date. Emergency.KerbsHall
Senate Bill 630Sent to Governor4/25State retirement systems; updating statutory compliance with federal regulations. Emergency.LepakMontgomery
Senate Bill 648Sent to Governor4/26Feral swine; removing provision for night hunting. Effective date.HardinBergstrom
Senate Bill 682Sent to Governor4/25Non-domiciled commercial driver licenses; removing certain non-domiciled commercial learner permit or driver license conditions. Effective date. Emergency.DobrinskiPederson
Senate Bill 711Veto4/26Substance abuse services; requiring Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services to provide emergency opioid antagonists and education; requiring Department of Corrections and county jails to provide emergency opioid antagonists to certain persons subject to certain condition. Effective date.BoatmanRosino
Senate Bill 712Veto4/26Hospitals; requiring Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services to distribute emergency opioid antagonists to hospitals; requiring hospitals to distribute emergency opioid antagonist to certain persons upon discharge except under certain conditions; granting certain immunities. Effective date.McEntireRosino
Senate Bill 745Sent to Governor4/24Incentive Evaluation Commission; modifying terms of appointment; modifying membership; modifying frequency of evaluations; requiring development of schedule. Effective date. Emergency.HilbertColeman
Senate Bill 748Sent to Governor4/25Substance abuse services; directing designation of certain physician to issue statewide standing order for emergency opioid antagonists; specifying duration of standing order. Emergency.BashoreRosino
Senate Bill 753Sent to Governor4/26Motor vehicles; authorizing use of e-signature for certain documents related to sale or transfer of vehicles. Effective date.PaeMontgomery
Senate Bill 772Veto4/26Charitable organizations; requiring written notice to Attorney General by charitable organization before certain actions; prohibiting transfer of assets without certain approval. Effective date.BoatmanDaniels
Senate Bill 775Veto4/26County commissioners; modifying certain duties of boards of county commissioners relating to continuing education. Effective date.CantrellStewart
Senate Bill 782Sent to Governor4/24State government; changing name of certain commission; certain regulations for certain special license plates. Effective date.HilbertRosino
Senate Bill 791Sent to Governor4/26Alcoholic beverages; excluding online and delivery purchases of alcoholic beverages from prohibited acts. Effective date.HaysColeman
Senate Bill 798Sent to Governor4/24Bondsman; allowing for exoneration of bond under certain condition. Effective date.MooreColeman
Senate Bill 804Sent to Governor4/25Professions and occupations; removing requirement for license registration to a county clerk. Effective date.SimsMontgomery
Senate Bill 811Sent to Governor4/24Alcoholic beverages; allowing ABLE Commission discretion to revocation and administration of fines. Effective date.MartiColeman
Senate Bill 840Veto4/26Collegiate athletics; modifying provisions in the Student Athlete Name, Image and Likeness Rights Act. Emergency.EcholsMcCortney
Senate Bill 841Veto4/26Motor vehicle storage rates; modifying inclusions. Effective date.SimsPaxton
Senate Bill 844Sent to Governor4/26Mental health; requiring the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services to issue certain request for proposals subject to availability of funds; transferring certain duties. Effective date. Emergency.MillerThompson (Roger)
Senate Bill 889Veto4/26Milk and milk products; expanding certain definitions; amending certain assessed fees; including certain designation to certain federal agency. Effective date.ArcherJech
Senate Bill 951Sent to Governor4/26Counties and county officers; raising travel allowance for county commissioners and sheriffs. Emergency.HumphreyKidd
Senate Bill 976Sent to Governor4/26Fish and wildlife; creating the Invasive Species Task Force; stating purpose; providing membership; allowing for additional administration if necessary; directing task force to provide report to the Legislature by certain time. Effective date.NewtonMurdock
Senate Bill 981Sent to Governor4/24Security of Communications Act; authorizing certain testimony in administrative proceedings. Effective date.MooreWeaver
Senate Bill 1000Sent to Governor4/24Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation; authorizing OSBI to take certain actions with sexual assault evidence kits. Effective date.BashoreFloyd
Senate Bill 1035Sent to Governor4/24Alcoholic beverages; monthly tax reports; providing acceptable percentages of collected amounts provided in audits to be deemed in compliance; providing promulgation of rules by Oklahoma Tax Commission. Effective date.MartiColeman
Senate Bill 1094Sent to Governor4/25Oklahoma Health Care Agent Act; modifying signature requirement for power of attorney for health care; modifying certain form. Emergency.StinsonHoward
Senate Bill 1130Veto4/19Appropriations; making an appropriation to the Oklahoma Health Care Authority. Emergency.WallaceThompson (Roger)