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GUTHRIE, Okla. – An Oklahoma postal carrier is accused of stealing from residents along his rural Logan County route.

The victims say while they can’t prove it, they think thefts have been happening on and off again for about a year.

Glenn Spunaugle is the one who reported the crime.

“Some people were telling us they sent mail and we didn’t get it,” said Spunaugle.

It was a strange problem for Glenn and residents at his assisted living center. Their mail was either not showing up, or it was arriving but appeared as if someone had tampered with it.

“It didn’t happen all the time. We couldn’t prove it,” he said.

He says when the mail would arrive, the envelopes appeared to have been carefully opened and re-closed along the side flap.

“He just left it kind of open looking so you could tell it had been tampered with,” he said.

He reported it once and it seemed to stop.

But months later, he says it started happening again.  He went back to the post office to make another report.

The inspector general came out immediately.

“He said, ‘I’ll set a trap.’ So, he got our residents’ names and mailed three birthday cards that day, fake ones, with cash in them,” Spunaugle said.

When the mail finally arrived, the cards were missing.

“As soon as he delivered the mail, they went after him,” he said.

Just this week, the suspect, Jason Perkins, was charged in federal court with three counts of embezzlement and theft of mail.

Postal officials say they do not recommend sending cash through the mail; however, they say theft like this is very rare.

Fortunately, Glenn and the residents have not had any problems with their mail since the arrest.

“Everything is fine now, like it ought to be, like we’ve always trusted it to be,” he said.

The post office says if you suspect your mail has been tampered with, you should report it immediately.

They also recommend taping gift cards or cash down so if the envelope does somehow pop open, the contents won’t easily fall out.

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