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CALUMET, Okla. – An Oklahoma man is accused of setting a home on fire in an attempt to kill the residents who lived inside.

Sheriff’s deputies initially responded in the early morning hours of June 20 to the Calumet home in response to a domestic disturbance.

Upon their arrival, deputies observed the mobile home on fire and spoke with the owner of the residence, Kirt Durrett.

Kirt told authorities his cousin, 53-year-old Stacey Durrett, tried to kill him and his son in the house fire.

“He told me, through the door, he was going to kill me,” Kirt said. “I was burning.”

Investigators learned Stacey attempted to lock the victims inside the residence by tying an extension cord to their door handle, preventing them from opening it.

“I told him ‘At least let my son get out,’” Kirt said.

When Kirt told Stacey “You are going kill my kid too,” Kirt said that is when Stacey said he would let the kid out but was still going to kill the dad.

“That I had to stay there and he was burning me,” Kirt said. “He was killing me.”

Kirt told authorities, as soon as Stacey let the door open, he and his son were able to exit the residence.

Seconds later, a propane tank blew up, igniting the home.

Officials said Stacey fled the scene while the victims watched all of their possessions burn in the fire.

Officers then went to a Yukon hotel, where Stacey was reportedly staying.

When investigators arrived to the motel, they entered Stacey’s room and found rose petals on the floor, leading to the bathtub, where they found him.

He was immediately taken into custody.

“(Stacey) Durret told my investigators he had hired an escort to come to his room and wanted to spice up the atmosphere a little,” said Canadian County Sheriff Chris West.  “He wasn’t even phased by the fact he had tried to kill his relatives in a house fire just a few hours earlier.”

Once Stacey was transported to Canadian County jail, investigators interviewed him regarding the arson.

Officials said Stacey admitted he was at the location and tied an extension cord to the door handle.

Stacey was booked into the Canadian County jail on two counts of attempted murder and one count of arson in the first degree.

His bond was set at $115,000 and remains in jail.