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DUNCAN, Okla. – A Duncan man was arrested after he allegedly assaulted someone with a Dr. Pepper can.

According to the Duncan Banner, a woman called the Stephens County Sheriff’s Office to report that Kent King, 57, had physically assaulted her and then left the home.

The woman said her and King were running late to leave town, which made King angry.

That is when King allegedly tried to strangle the victim.

A report obtained by the Duncan Banner states that the victim told authorities she couldn’t tell if King tried to strangle her with one or both hands because she blacked out.

The woman said she remembers that King eventually grabbed a full can of Dr. Pepper and started using the can as a weapon, hitting her over the head with it.

King left the home after the alleged assault.

After the woman reported the incident to authorities, a warrant was issued for King’s arrest.

King was arrested and formally charged with felony domestic assault and battery by strangulation.

He has since posted his $10,000 bond.