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YUKON, Okla. – Authorities have arrested a Yukon man following a man’s death in July.

On July 6, officers with the Yukon Police Department and medical personnel were called to a home after Brandon Schofield was found unresponsive on the porch.

A short time later, Schofield was pronounced dead.

Investigators say that Jeffrey Harper and Schofield did heroin on July 5 before falling asleep. The next day, Harper allegedly dragged Schofield outside when he had to go to work. Authorities claim that Schofield was left on the porch in the summer heat with no shade, water or food for over six hours.

According to the arrest warrant, Harper told investigators that he told Schofield to call for a ride before he left for work. When he went home to check on him for lunch, he says he found Schofield asleep on the porch. He said he “slapped the victim several times to send a ‘shock through him’ and reports the victim woke up and stated he would get a ride,” the report states.

When he arrived home from work, Harper said that Schofield was still on his back porch, so he called his roommate to get him. When the roommate refused to come get Schofield, Harper allegedly took a SnapChat video and sent it to several friends before he called for medical help.

The report states that the SnapChat video was sent about 25 minutes before the 911 call.

The Oklahoma State Medical Examiner’s Office determined that Schofield died from heroin toxicity and hyperthermia.

Harper was arrested on one count of second-degree murder.