OKLAHOMA (KFOR) – An alleged confession in the brutal murders of four men in Okmulgee County has been released. Newly unsealed court documents reveal that 67-year-old Joseph Kennedy told a friend that he killed the men and cut them up after they had stolen from him.

32-year-old Mark Chastain, 30-year-old Billy Chastain, 32-year-old Mike Sparks, and 29-year-old Alex Stevens were reported missing after disappearing on Oct. 9. They were last seen riding bikes together.

Their dismembered bodies were found on Oct. 14 in the Deep Fork River in Okmulgee.
Police determined that Kennedy was a person of interest in the deaths of the men, but soon realized that he left the area.

He was arrested in Daytona Beach Shores after police alleged he was driving a car reported stolen out of Oklahoma.

After Florida declined to press charges against Kennedy, he was brought back to Oklahoma and booked into the Moore Detention Center in Okmulgee County.

An affidavit that was filed Nov. 15 said the four men were shot to death at Kennedy’s scrap yard at 20th St. and Madison Ave. on October 9. It reveals Kennedy’s steps on that day and the next, as largely seen on video – including multiple visits to the area of the scrap yard, a change of clothes, and also a change of vehicles.  

The affidavit said the bodies were discovered on Oct. 14 and that on Oct. 15, Kennedy arrived at a female friend’s house about 60 miles away in Gore, Oklahoma with a bicycle of one of the victims.

According to the document, she said Kennedy told her, “they were stealing from him” and that he killed them and cut them up. He then left her residence.

As the investigation into Kennedy continues, his bond has been raised by the Okmulgee County Court. 

The affidavit said, “Because the defendant fled the State immediately after the bodies were recovered, it is believed that if he makes bond, he will again flee. It is therefore the request of the State that this bond be significantly increased so that he cannot flee the jurisdiction of this court.”

His bond was raised from $500,000 to $10 million.

At this time, no one has been officially charged with the murders.