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NORMAN, Okla — When Lucas Mullins began working on cell phone towers last May, his mom, Cheri was understandably worried. And her worst fears were realized Tuesday afternoon.

Lucas was working on top of this Norman tower when something went terribly wrong.

The 19-year-old was knocked unconscious, dangling from a safety harness.  His girlfriend, Rita Dighton said, “Something broke and knocked him out.  And they went up and tried to rescue him and it went bad from there.”

A co-worker scaled the cell tower to rescue Lucas.  Instead, they both plunged 100 feet.

The only thing stopping them from certain death was a safety cable that got tangled in their legs on the way down.

Cheri Jacobs said, “That was a miracle right there. No broken bones.”

Lucas is in critical condition but his family says they’ve already seen several encouraging signs.

Dighton told us, “He does know when we come into the room. He knew when I was there and grabbed my arm and held on really really tight.”

Lucas Mullins is surrounded by family and friends. They are keeping constant vigil at his bedside and praying for another miracle.

His mom told us, “We need prayer, just a lot of prayer. It’s touch and go from the next 2 days.  We think it’s GO. We’ve seen prayer work before and we know it’s going to this time. That’s all he needs is a lot of prayer.”