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EL RENO, Okla. – An Ardmore man is facing charges after allegedly engaging in lewd acts with a person he believed to be a teenage girl.

On May 15, authorities say 38-year-old Billy Hodges attempted to contact a deputy, who was posing as a 14-year-old girl, on a social media app.

Investigators began building their case on comments Hodges made to the undercover deputy where he allegedly talked about several sexual acts he wanted to engage in with the girl.

“Shortly after talking, he started getting sexual in nature, started asking sexual history questions, what have you done? What are you willing to do?” Lt. Adam Flowers from Canadian County Sheriff’s Office said.

The conversation went on, Hodges asked her to send him a sexy pic, even worked up the nerve to ask her if she would get mad if she got pregnant.

“He was very brave about it, to the point that he was expressing how much he loved what he thought was a 14-year-old female,” Flowers says.

Hodges also requested naked photographs and engaged in phone sex with the girl on multiple occasions.

During his arrest, authorities say he confessed to the crime and agreed to allow investigators to examine his cell phone.

When agents took his phone they found another chilling conversation through the app kik.

“One person was going to kidnap a young girl and take her to the woods where he would wear a mask and watch her and rape her,” Flowers says.

According to agents, the plan was written out further, Hodges allegedly asked the person on the other end how they would keep the child from telling.

“How are we going to keep her form talking and the other person said, don’t worry I’ll handle that,” Flowers says.

Officials say they had discovered plans to abduct a young girl and rape her in a remote wooded area.

“This is just another classic example of how the Internet Crimes Against Children unit is able to protect and save children and prevent monsters from acting out their demonic fantasies, ruining the lives of children forever,” said Sheriff Randall Edwards, with the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office.

A plot to kidnap, rape and possibly kill a child, foiled.

“There could be a child going home with their parents tonight because he’s locked up and couldn’t go through with the plan,” Flowers said.

A grim reminder to all parents out there, predators are lurking.

“Eventually they’re going to get that creepy text message, or that facebook requests and it’s by how you teach your kids here on out, how they’re going to respond to that,” Flowers says.

Hodges was arrested on two counts of lewd acts with a child. Investigators are looking into Hodges’ abduction plan and are trying to identify the other person.

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