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FORT SILL, Okla. – A plan to house hundreds of illegal immigrants at an Oklahoma military base comes under fire.

Officials at Fort Sill announced they would help house somewhere between 600 and 1,200 children.

Those kids are in our country illegally.

That’s sparked two criticisms from Republicans.

They don’t like military bases being used for non military needs and they’re critical of President Obama’s immigration policies.

“It is alarming to have 1200 children in a military installation,” said governor Mary Fallin.

The problem arose because waves of immigrants from Central American countries, hoping to escape rampant crime and poverty have overwhelmed the U.S. border.

While at Fort Sill, the children will be housed in a building that is not currently used by soldiers, but the governor isn’t alone in her concern.

“What we’re doing now is clearly not working,” said Oklahoma congressman Tom Cole, (R) 4th District.

Cole says the President’s immigration policies are the root of the problem.

A belief many Republicans in the nation’s capitol share.

“We clearly have a policy failure here,” said Cole. “These people are coming here because they’re being encouraged to come here. I don’t think you encourage people to break your laws.”

“President Obama’s policies have failed nation securing the border,” said Fallin.

The plan is for the immigrant children to stay at Fort Sill for 4 months.

After that a vast majority will likely not be deported but rather placed with caretakers and families already in the country.

Fort Sill isn’t alone.

Other military bases in Texas and California will be doing the same thing.

Photos courtesy Fort Sill Public Affairs
Photos courtesy Fort Sill Public Affairs
Photos courtesy Fort Sill Public Affairs
Photos courtesy Fort Sill Public Affairs