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PERKINS, Okla. – A mother of a former Perkins High student who made a threatening video with a gun said bullying, fights and cyberbulling pushed her son over the edge.

Jennifer Roy was mortified when she first saw the video of her son brandishing a gun.

“I don’t condone what he did. I was really shocked obviously, I mean no parent would ever want to see anything like that. I didn’t recognize who that kid even was,” Roy said.

Roy said bullying by his classmates for years led to the video.

“It was kinda like he snapped, he got sick of being threatened and bullied and talked to and he was like, if you have a problem with me, come to me,” she said.

Roy points out some facts in the video she said are important. Her son had only a BB gun in the video, which he freely turned in when he turned himself in to Payne County authorities. Roy also said her son never threatened to go to the school; he wanted his bullies to come to him, and those bullies had been part of her sons life for years.

“It started his freshman year at the high school. I had addressed the issue there with the principal on several different occasions. I brought up the issue of cyberbullying, was kinda laughed at and said like ‘What do you want me to do?'” she said.

Right now, Roy said her son is in a boot camp-style program. She claims he is trying to straighten out his life and has advice for parents involved in cyberbullying.

“Be more proactive when it first starts, start going above peoples heads, start going to the superintendent, to the president of the PTA, do whatever you gotta do to advocate for your child,” she said.

News 4 talked to the Perkins’ superintendent’s office, but they never got back to us with a statement or to do an interview.