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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla.- Oklahoma Muslims insist their beliefs do not coincide with those of radical extremists in the Middle East.

Today, they take a stand and say enough of being grouped with terrorists.

A rally was held at Penn Square Mall to protest ISIS and promote peace.

The rally was planned last week by people who feel passionately about their religion.

With all the controversy surrounding Islam, we decided to see what Oklahomans knew.

ISIS is a radical Muslim group that uses Islam to justify killings around the world.

But members of the Islam community insist not everyone sees the world through the ISIS lens.

“ISIS that what you see on TV, the radical group to Islam is like the KKK to Christianity. You might claim that the KKK is not a Christian organization but they went to church every Sunday and the cross was the biggest there is and they quoted the Bible they justify killing African-Americans through verses in the Bible,” senior Imam at the Greater Oklahoma Islamic Society, Imad Enchassi said.

We asked Oklahomans how much they know about Islam.

Some told us they had actually read the Quran.

“They’re pretty radical in the Quran so I can see where they got some of the radical beliefs but I do believe most Muslims are peaceful.” One man said.

Others were clueless about the religion but wanted to speak up.

“Just like any other religion you’re going to have people that get a little crazy and extreme and that’s not different than Christianity and God knows there are plenty of people who act that way,” another woman told us.

Then this came up.

“That nut representative, what he said is not true. I do you know that I do know that I know they’re not about killing Christians,” another lady says.

One woman said fast food was more likely to kill us then Muslims.

In the end, most people did not know much about Islam but Oklahomans we spoke with agree on this.

“I think most of them are loving and caring people and I feel bad they got such a bad name,” the man who read the Quran said.

Members of CAIR say they’ll continue to hold protests to promote peace.