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TULSA, Okla. (KFOR) – The Oklahoma Army National Guard will be present during President Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ rally in Tulsa on Saturday.

Gov. Kevin Stitt has activated the National Guard at the request of the Tulsa Police Department, according to Charlie Hannema, Stitt’s Chief of Communications.

Guard members will go on duty Thursday and deploy to Tulsa on Friday.

Hannema said 240 Guard members will be present during the rally.

Trump tweeted that almost one million people said they want to attend. Tulsa officials on Wednesday said they’re anticipating about 100,000 people.

The rally will be held at the BOK Center, 200 S. Denver Ave., which has a 19,199-seat capacity.

“Kevin Stitt, the Governor of Oklahoma, has activated 250 Oklahoma Army National Guardsmen to provide assistance to local law enforcement this weekend in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  On Saturday, Pres. Donald Trump will hold a rally at the BOK Center in Tulsa. Government officials believe that 100,000 or more people will be in the downtown area protesting both for and against the President’s policies. An additional 19,900 will hear the President speak live at the BOK Center.
  On Tuesday, Governor Stitt requested 250 Soldiers from the Oklahoma Army National Guard be brought onto State Active Duty (SAD) this weekend to supplement Tulsa area law enforcement in the event of rioting that leads to the potential for loss of life or property.
The Guardsmen will work at the direction of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.
The men and women of the Oklahoma National Guard are members of the communities they serve and take their role as protectors of those communities seriously. Following fires, tornadoes, droughts, flooding, the ongoing pandemic, and during times of civil unrest, they leave their homes and families to help others.
They have done this for more than a century. The Oklahoma National Guard supports the right of every American to peacefully protest and will never be a force used to suppress that right.”