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EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – An Edmond neighborhood is on high alert after a suspect was caught on camera peeking into homes and trying to get inside of garages.

“How dumb are you, that you’re going to potentially risk your life for that?” asked Kevin Coy who caught the suspect on camera. “[My wife] felt violated that someone is lurking around our property.”

Kevin and Lisa Coy and another family in the neighborhood captured the man lurking around the neighborhood, just off Memorial and I-35, two weeks ago.

“You can hear him rustling around the shutter,” said Coy as he moved his hands around a maroon colored set of shutters near his garage. “I can only presume he was feeling for keys or something.”

In the security camera footage, the man in question can be seen peeking into the Coy’s home through a window twice. 

The suspect then moved to the garage and pressed buttons on the exterior garage door opener.

“You can see him pushing around on the keypad. Of course, nothing opens,” said Coy. “Then the next morning we find this cover on the ground with the battery on the ground and he had certainly messed with it.”

The couple said neighbors started investigated and sharing footage. They discovered the man in the video was also seen taking a gas can from someone’s yard.

“I can only guess that one he was going to steal it or two if he got caught he could fabricate a story,” said Coy.

By looking at time stamps, the neighbors determined the man had been in the small neighborhood for 15 minutes. They said that’s enough time to lurk around each home.

They believe he prowled on each home in the area.

The Coys said the suspect returned to the neighborhood Sunday night. 

Coy said he confronted the man after he made it past the gate. He said he had 911 already dialed.

“I [said] ‘Can I help you?’ He refers to our house and says ‘I’m here to see my friend at that house,'” Coy told News 4. “Of course I know he’s not. He’s making up a story because I live in that house.”

After some pushback, Coy said the suspect took off down the road while he called police.

OKC Police responded to the area and found him a couple of blocks away. However, issued a trespassing warning instead of arrested him.

Now the Coys and surrounding neighborhoods are banding together. “We have been sharing our footage and the video of that with the neighborhoods around us so they can be alerted as well.”