OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma City Police said a man killed his three young children and then himself inside a vehicle in a Northwest Oklahoma City neighborhood Saturday. Neighbors reacted to the gruesome triple murder suicide crime scene that happened at the area of NW 112th Terrace between Treemont Lane and NW Eagle Lane.

The Oklahoma City Police Department told KFOR, all three children are under age seven. 

Officers traveled to the father’s home at 12:30 a.m. to perform a welfare check, but the man had already left with the children. The bodies were then later found in a vehicle parked about a half-mile away from the family’s home. 

“The dad had left the house with three of the small children and made some threatening statements. We were in the area for several hours looking for him and the children. A walker in another neighborhood discovered his vehicle and called 911 because of what was seen inside,” said Captain Michelle Henderson, Oklahoma City Police.

That woman discovered the bodies around 7:30 a.m. She was emotional and didn’t want to go on camera but told KFOR the scene was graphic. 

“I don’t want to be gruesome, but I saw blood on the on the ground under the car and just thought he had probably shot himself. So I went around the corner and knocked on the closest house and then called the police,” said jogger who found the family’s vehicle.

She was in shock and in tears over the situation and told KFOR she has never seen police and medical officials react the way they did when they opened the car door. Their reactions were enough for peer support to be called in to comfort them.

“There’s two things I’m going to remember, and that is, you know, seeing that blood under the car and the police reaction. I haven’t seen cops act like that, but they were pretty dramatic and affected. That’s how me and the neighbor who had called, started to get an idea that there was more than just a man who had shot himself,” said the jogger who found the family’s vehicle.

She had help from a nearby neighbor, Amy Robinson, who was the one who called 911. It happened just feet away from Robinson’s home.  

The two ladies told KFOR, it was shocking to see this happen in their neighborhood. 

“This is a nice area and like a lot of people know each other,” said the jogger.  

“It’s been very quiet here the five years I’ve been here,” said Robinson.

Saturday afternoon, a KFOR crew watched as crime scene investigators pulled items out of the family’s home.

Police have not yet released the man’s name and the mother of the children has been notified. Law enforcement officials also say further details will not be released until Monday.