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OKLAHOMA CITY – A local nonprofit is trying to raise money to continue their food pantry delivery service after their truck broke down.

The Other Options Friends Food Pantry provides hundred of Oklahomans, who’ve been affected by HIV/AIDS, with food every week through their delivery service.

“We had a sprinter that got a partial grant from the Oklahoma Aids care fund about six years ago,” said Mary Arbuckle, the director of Other Options.

That’s what volunteers used to pick up and deliver food – until recently.

“We’ve put about 100,000 miles on it and, being an all-volunteer organization, volunteers don’t always take the best care of things. It’s been in a few bumps and hiccups, and it’s just falling apart,” Arbuckle said. “We don’t have windshield wipers. Our passenger door doesn’t work. There’s not a front or back bumper, and recently our refrigerator part, that keeps the back refrigerated, went into a concrete slab.”

In the meantime, volunteers are using Arbuckle’s personal truck with limited space to make the deliveries and pick up supplies for the pantry.

“If there’s not food on the table, they’re not going to adhere to their medication program, because they’ve got to have food to take their medication. If we can’t get the food here, then they’re not going to get the help they need,” Arbuckle said.

They’re trying to raise the money in order to have the repairs made.

If you’d like to donate, you can find contact information at