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NORTH ENID, Okla. – Kali Wood was driving to her home in North Enid from getting a spray tan when she saw her friend, Gary Duckworth, out mowing his yard.

She pulled over to the side of the road to talk to him.

She’d been there for about 10 minutes when a North Enid police officer pulled up in front of her with his lights on and informed her she was in a no parking zone.

There are signs along Colorado that say ‘No parking this side of the road.’

Duckworth said he tried to explain to the officer Wood’s car wasn’t even in park.

It was still running with her foot on the brake.

“I mean, her car’s running. We’re just talking,” you can hear Duckworth say on the officer’s point of view camera.

“You can come to court and tell the judge,” the officer replies.

The officer ends up writing Wood a $25 ticket.

“What’s the court date?” you hear Duckworth ask on the police cam.

“I’ll explain it to her. She’s the one getting a ticket,” says the officer.

“You can’t even answer my question?” Duckworth asks.

“Sir, I owe you nothing. You’ve been nothing but rude to me since I got here,” said the officer.

Duckworth continued to argue with the officer, and the situation escalated.

“Back up, or you’re going to jail!” the officer says.

“Really?” Duckworth asks.

“Yeah, really. Back up,” the officer says.

That’s when the officer pulls out his taser and points it at Duckworth.

“I was sitting there watching somebody I know for a fact would never hurt a fly and is one of the best people I know getting a taser pulled on him because he was asking questions,” Wood said.

“My officer didn’t shoot him with the taser. He backed up to his car and, as soon as he holstered, if you watch the video, the guy advances again. And, so you don’t know what they’re going to do,” said North Enid police chief Rick Dominic.

Dominic said his officer used a legitimate escalation of force by starting with verbal commands.

And, he said a police committee of four North Enid citizens reviewed the video.

“Their response was that he followed department policy and acted within his training,” Dominic said.

“It really angered me to feel like that I can’t even be out mowing my own front yard and, when a neighbor drives by and honks, that I can’t step out and speak to them without feeling that I’m getting harassed by the police,” Duckworth said.

Wood said, if the officer had given her a warning and asked her to move, she would’ve complied.

She said she plans to pay the ticket.