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HARTSHORNE, Okla. – An Oklahoma police chief is in trouble with the law after being charged in a drug case.

“It’s bogus,” Chief Josh Brillo, with the Hartshorne Police Department.

Brillo and his wife, Heather, appeared in court on Monday in McAlester after they were arrested and on Sunday.

Agents from the Drug and Violent Crime Task Force got a tip saying the couple had drugs inside their home.

“Several marijuana roaches or remnants of marijuana were found in a common area, an astray, and there was a smell of marijuana in the house,” said Adam Scharn, assistant district attorney drug task force in Pittsburg County.

Heather Brillo, who is charged with possession, admitted that the drugs belonged to her, allegedly saying that she smokes marijuana occasionally.

However, Josh Brillo is accused of knowing about the drug activity and doing nothing about it.

“So in this case, the facts were there was marijuana being kept in this house and Joshua Brillo knew that it was being used in the house,” Scharn said.

Brillo says that’s not the case.

“Anything going on there, I was totally unaware of,” he said.

Brillo says he is currently in law enforcement training and spends little time at home.

“I leave at 4 o’clock in the morning, I get home 8:30 or 9 o’clock, I go straight to bed. The weekends when I get home on Friday, I come home and change clothes, I go 10-8 which means I’m on duty.  Then I go to my parents’ house on Eufaula,” he said.

Brillo says residents in Hartshorne shouldn’t lose faith in his innocence.

“No, not on my end. I can’t speak for the other party,” he said.

Heather Brillo did not give a statement to the media.