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OKEMAH, Okla. – An Okemah pre-k teacher resigned Friday after new details surfaced in a left-handed controversy.

Earlier this week, a 4-year-old boy was reportedly forced to use his right hand and was sent home with an article about how being left-handed is historically evil.

The story began a little boy named Zayde, who is left-handed.

He was sent home with an article from his teacher detailing how left-handedness has historically been considered evil and sinister.

Okemah Public Schools Superintendent Tony Dean told NewsChannel 4 late Friday afternoon the teacher resigned.

Friday, KFOR spoke with the family of a little girl who told them if she wrote with her left hand at school, she’d get “put in the corner.”

Alli said her teacher made her write with her right hand, even though she’s left-handed.

She asked Alli why and recorded her answer on cell phone video.

Aunt:        ‘What does she say about your other hand?’

Alli:           ‘It’s bad’

Aunt:        ‘It’s bad, what happens if you write with that?’

Alli:            ‘You get in corner’

Aunt:        ‘You go to the corner?  Which hand do you want to write with? ‘

Alli:           ‘This one’ (raises her left hand)

Alli’s grandfather got angry when he heard what was going on.

“She’s in a classroom with a lady that’s basically brought up the devil being left-handed, being sinister and evil, and I don’t feel comfortable with her in that class,” Cliff Morrison said.

The superintendent told us Wednesday he didn’t think the teacher ever made a student switch dominant hands.

Alli’s grandpa disagrees.

“I don’t believe 4-year-olds, that young, make stuff up like that,” Morrison said.

Aunt:        ‘Alli what does your teacher at school say about that hand? ‘

Alli:            ‘It’s bad’

Alli’s family was weighing their next move, and Zayde had already transferred to a new class when we learned the teacher had resigned.