According to federal data from 2016, a newly-published report states that Oklahoma ranks fifth in the nation for gun deaths.

24/7 Wall St. just published a detailed report including homicides, accidental shootings, and suicides from 2016, all of which resulted in 38,658 gun-related deaths nationwide for 2016.

The national rate for gun deaths per 100,000 people is 11.73 fatalities, yet Oklahoma showed 19.6 deaths per 100,000 residents.

Data collected from both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which tracks each state’s gun-related violence, along with data from the FBI’s 2016 Uniform Crime Report shows that Oklahoma saw 766 gun deaths in 2016, 238 of which were homicides, while 517 people took their own lives.

When adjusted for population size, the 24/7 Wall St. report states that the majority of the top ten states for gun-deaths are among the poorest in the nation, with Oklahoma coming in at ninth poorest.

The CDC attributes poverty to a higher suicide rate.

Top 10 States with the MOST Gun Deaths:

  1.  Alaska
  2.  Alabama
  3.  Louisiana
  4.  Mississippi
  5. Oklahoma
  6.  Montana
  7.  Missouri
  8.  New Mexico
  9.  Arkansas
  10.  South Carolina

Top 10 States with the LEAST Gun Deaths:

  1.  Massachusetts
  2.  Rhode Island
  3.  New York
  4.  Hawaii
  5.  Connecticut
  6.  New Jersey
  7.  Minnesota
  8.  California
  9.  Maine
  10.  Washington

To see a full list of state rankings for gun violence deaths, click here.