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OKLAHOMA – Oklahoma state Representative Dan Kirby announced his resignation Friday night after allegations of sexual harassment.

Kirby, 58,  is accused of sexually harassing his former legal assistant, Hollie Bishop, 28, and then firing her.

Bishop said she was fired without explanation in November 2015.

A settlement of $44,500 was paid to Bishop and her attorneys to settle the harassment claim against Kirby.

Bishop was paid $28,414.20, while her Edmond attorneys were paid $16,085.80 in taxpayer dollars.

“Recent events have caused a situation where my continuing in office would be such a distraction that I could not serve my constituents in the manner they deserve,” said Kirby in his resignation letter.

Democrats are now asking questions and demanding answers, wondering if any other representatives were involved in the case.

“While I understand that you were not Speaker at the time that these events transpired and may not have played a role in the final settlement, for the sake of transparency and accountability, I am requesting that you or your office promptly provide the answers,” House Democratic Leader Scott Inman wrote to House Speaker-elect Charles McCall.