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OKLAHOMA CITY – An embattled Oklahoma state representative has rescinded his resignation amid allegations of sexual harassment.

Rep. Dan Kirby, 58,  is accused of sexually harassing his former legal assistant, Hollie Bishop, 28, and then firing her.

Bishop said she was fired without explanation in November 2015.

A settlement of $44,500 was paid to Bishop and her attorneys to settle the harassment claim against Kirby.

Bishop was paid $28,414.20, while her Edmond attorneys were paid $16,085.80 in taxpayer dollars.

“Recent events have caused a situation where my continuing in office would be such a distraction that I could not serve my constituents in the manner they deserve,” said Kirby in his resignation letter on Friday.

On Wednesday, Kirby announced that he was rescinding his resignation, which was supposed to go into effect on Dec. 31.

“I have determined that my decision to resign was hasty and based upon bad advice. Therefore, please accept this written notice that I rescind my notice of intent to resign. I have no intent to resign my office as Representative for District 75- House of Representatives for the State of Oklahoma. I believe it is in the best interests of my constituents that I serve out the term that they graciously elected me to serve,” Kirby said in a written statement on Wednesday.

Rep. Kirby said in a statement to KFOR that he had no knowledge of the settlement paid to his former legal assistant.

After speaking with my family and friends, I sent a letter rescinding my resignation so that I might have an opportunity to clear my name and complete my term.  When I was wrongfully accused of sexual harassment, I was told that I should refrain from making any statements to the media.  I followed that advice under the assumption that I would be able to deny the allegations at some point in the future.  On December 21, 2016, I found out that the claim against the Oklahoma House of Representatives had been settled without my knowledge or consent when I read an article in the Oklahoman newspaper.  I have never seen the settlement agreement nor do I have any knowledge of the terms contained in the settlement agreement.  I would like to make it clear that the allegations of sexual harassment are untrue and I had no role in settling the claims made against the Oklahoma House of Representatives. – Rep. Dan Kirby.