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OKLAHOMA – It was two words that led to another controversy for state representative John Bennett.

Tuesday, on his personal Facebook page, Bennett re-posted a conservative blog criticizing Hillary Clinton for the deaths of American officials in Benghazi in 2012.

Above the article, Bennett wrote “2 words… firing squad” appearing to call for the execution of Clinton.

Bennett talked to us by phone Wednesday and said that is not the case.

“It’s just absolutely ridiculous that anybody would take what I posted on there and try to turn it into what they are turning it into. I just said what most people in America feel, at least most patriotic American’s feel,” Bennett said.

Bennett is a Sallisaw republican who is seeking re-election next week.

He said the intent of the post had nothing to do with violence.

“I am not advocating to shoot, hurt or kill Hillary Clinton or anyone else. That is not what I meant by that. I was using the firing squad words to refer to what the punishment is for treason. Hillary Clinton has committed nothing less than treason by knowingly leaving our American troops over there to die,” he said.

This isn’t the first time Bennett’s comments have led to negative attention.

He recently came under fire for anti-Muslim comments, and his Facebook page contains multiple posts presenting the Islamic faith as violent.

“Just because I’m in the state legislature doesn’t take away my first amendment rights. I can say however I feel on Facebook, and it wasn’t a threat. It was my thoughts tying her to the treasonous act I think she committed,” Bennett said.

Though Bennett said his post was taken the wrong way, some left comments in support of executing Clinton, like this one: “No firing squad. That would be too good. A public hanging would be well suited for her.”

Others condemned Bennet’s post, saying: “Isn’t it treason to threaten the life of a presidential candidate? You, in effect, you wished for her death and laid out the means of her execution.”

Another read: “Maybe you should start saying what you mean and quit expecting people to read between the lines.”