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Oklahoma is once again the hotbed for earthquakes. From Stillwater, to Norman, thousands of nerves have been rattled by a total of 20 earthquakes in the state Tuesday alone.

The largest quake registered as a 4.3 near Liberty Lake early Tuesday morning.

Larry Wilcox makes his living selling Faberge eggs, larger than life vases, and other knick knacks at his family antique shop. But some mornings his business can feel as fragile as the bells he sells.

“I get very nervous, extremely nervous,” said Wilcox, Owner of Kokopelli Village. “We just have so much glass.”

The 4.3 earthquake that rattled central Oklahoma early Tuesday, rattled some Oklahomans and the buildings they live in.

“Everything started shaking,” said Kenny Ketron, Guthrie resident. “I thought golly, it was definitely the biggest one that I’ve felt.”

Houses and homes can suffer broken tiles, fallen mirrors, even cracks in the walls that leave home owners nervous.

“If you’re in a seismic zone, you design for seismic activity,” said Steve Ford, President of the Boldt Company. “Most of your commercial buildings are designed and constructed by code, houses are the same way.”

But if you feel your domicile’s in danger, a phone call could put your mind at ease.

“A structural engineer should be contacted,” said Ford. “They can come out and inspect your home and tell you a little bit more.”

“You know I`ve kind of checked into some insurance,” said Wilcox.

Larry hopes earthquake insurance might keep his antique shop safe, for he fears the day mother nature comes knocking like an earthquake in a china shop.

“I wouldn`t have a clue what to do,” said Wilcox. “It would be a nightmare though.”