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ELK CITY, Okla. – Officials at a local school district say they are dealing with a bullying situation at the district.

A video that was posted on social media claimed to show bullying at Elk City High School.

In the video, one teenage boy gets in the face of another, who is sitting at a desk. At one point, the teenager pulls the chair out from under the other boy, sending him to the ground.

The video has since been removed.

KFOR contacted officials at Elk City Public Schools, who said they are aware of the situation.

“Elk City School personnel wants all students to feel safe and valued in our schools. We are aware of the video that is currently circulating on Facebook, and the situation is being dealt with in an appropriate manner,” a statement from Elk City Public Schools read.

Elk City Public Schools Superintendent Rick Garrison tells KFOR that at this point, they do not know if the student will be punished.

KFOR also spoke with the Elk City Police Department. Officials there say that their investigation is still ongoing, but that they do not tolerate bullying. Authorities say that once the investigation is complete, the evidence will be handed over to the district attorney, who will then decide whether or not to press charges.