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OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Senate passed two revenue bills Friday morning, both directly related to educational funding.

HB1019XX, also known as a marketplace fairness act or the so-called ‘Amazon bill,’ passed the House on Wednesday by an overwhelming vote of 92-7.

On Friday, the Senate passed the measure by a vote of 42-2, so the bill will now head to the Governor’s office.

The ‘Amazon bill’ would collect sales taxes from online retailers like Amazon, dedicating $20 million to education.

Senate Majority leader Greg Treat told reporters Thursday the $20 million that would ultimately fund the $2.9 billion budget education which has already been passed, not add to it.

The Senate also passed HB3375, which relates to ‘ball and dice’ games and is expected to bring in $22 million.

The ‘ball and dice’ bill allows Las Vegas-style gaming and betting in the state.