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OKLAHOMA CITY–They are shelter dogs facing a certain death sentence, but Friday they are getting a second chance at life.

A charter plane loaded with animals in need of a home was flown today from Oklahoma City to Spokane, Washington.

“When they told me that Bo got flagged I was freakin’ out, and then when they finally told me that Lucille got flagged, too, I started crying for a little bit,” an animal control officer said.

Bo and Lucille aren’t people, but they’re catching a flight out of town like they are. The two dogs are headed for a new home in Washington.

“We are going to be loading them up on a private cargo plane and sending them to the Pacific Northwest where we’ve partnered with a couple of rescues there that are no kill,” Vikki Smith said. “Ninety percent of these dogs will be adopted and in a forever home within 24 hours.”

It takes 15-thousand dollars to lease just one plane, and each flight has room for about 50 large dogs – dogs that would otherwise be euthanized.

Fetch Fido a Flight along with Wings of Rescue and other organizations are the behind the effort to save as many homeless animals as possible all with donated money.

They got started in June of last year.

“Shortly after we got here we realized that there was a huge problem with overpopulation of pets here and so many of them being euthanized. Just no relief for the shelters and rescues,” Smith said.

This is the fifth plane to load up and take off out of Oklahoma, and they hope to its just one of many until something is done to control the overcrowding problem in our states rescues and shelters.

“We need to change the laws for spay and neuter so that it’s mandatory,” Smith said. Visit  Fetch Fido a Flight for more information.