OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The Oklahoma State Fair is taking extra safety measures to make sure you and your kids are safe. 

You can register your child at one of the event information booths. 

There they will provide a wristband for your child that has your contact information on it. 

The Oklahoma City Police Department, Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office and extra security are also present throughout the fair grounds.  

“If you happen to get separated, they’ll be able to look at that band and call you and reunite you with your kid, hopefully out in the field. Or if they have to take them to the safety center, they will if it takes a while for that process to unfold… That is our command center for chaplains,” said Scott Munz, Oklahoma State Fair spokesman.  

The Safety Center is where police, first aid, and the lost and found is located if you need assistance. 

Throughout the fairgrounds there are around 325 cameras totaling over 800 camera views. 

There are also three different levels of ride inspections the rides go through before they operate.