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WELLSTON, Okla. –  A prominent state representative is accused of being delinquent on nearly $27,000 in back child support payments.

Angela Wallace claims her ex-husband, state representative Kevin Wallace, has not made his child support and medical support payments since their divorce in 2013. In a statement release by the ex wife’s attorney, Rita Jencks, claims…

“Mr. Wallace never paid any child support nor reimbursement for medical support despite being asked…”

Kevin Wallace disputes these claims.

In a statement released by Rep Wallace’s attorney, the Republican from Wellston claims, in part…

“I have paid over $250,000 in support and payments since our divorce more than 4 years ago. My mistake was trusting our verbal agreement. I had hoped that as loving parents, we could settle our differences without attorneys and in private. I was wrong.”

Kevin Wallace claims he and his ex wife had a verbal agreement where he would pay other bills in lieu of child support.

“If you don’t have an agreement that says I will pay for this car payment or I will pay for a extracurricular activity something to that effect then it’s considered a gift under the law so…you have to have  an agreement you have to have something in writing for that to discount your child support,” says Family Law attorney Holly Hefton.

Rep. Kevin Wallace is slated to appear in Lincoln county court February 5th on that contempt of child support citation, the second day of the 2019 legislative session.