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MOORE, Okla. – A Snapchat video is now going viral. The teens in it recorded themselves throwing bottles out of a car window at other vehicles.

A concerned mother in Moore said she saw the video on her daughter’s phone and reported it. She said, because of the way the teens in the video responded to her reporting their careless behavior and making the video public, she didn’t want to be on camera.

“If they went out again next weekend, and I had done nothing and maybe someone died – I would have lived with that forever,” the mother said. “That would have been my fault because I could have said something.”

The mother said she felt it was her responsibility to make sure the teens seen throwing things out the window at cars get stopped.

“I saw the video on my daughter’s phone, and I told her that that was extremely dangerous,” she said.

The mother believes a few of the teens seen in the video go to school in Moore.

Shortly after the mother posted the video, she said her daughter got a message from one of the girls in the car. She said ‘please take down the video. It was all a joke.’

“I said that wasn’t a joke when you’re throwing things out a window at moving cars,” the mother said.

The mother said their family received threats, leaving them shook up. She said they just wanted to do the right thing, find the teens and hold them responsible.

“It’s been extremely stressful,” she said. “Stress on my daughter. She knows she did the right thing.”

Jerrell Brewer believes his truck was one of the many targets hit over the weekend. He said he found a dent in his truck and a glass bottle nearby Saturday morning.

Once Brewer saw the video, he said he recognized the area and was furious.

“Very upsetting because they could have hurt someone,” he said. “I don’t think they understand how bad the situation could have got.”

They all hope other kids use this as a lesson.

“Maybe this could be an example to other kids that may have got the idea to go out sometime without thinking about it,” the mother said. “Maybe they will think twice.”

If you have any information or know anything about the case, call police.