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OKLAHOMA CITY – After a record-breaking first day, candidates continue filing for state and local races at the Capitol.

One of those candidates is a high-profile transgender Oklahoma City Police Officer, who was in the center of a legal battle with the department a decade ago.

Paula Sophia is running for house district 88 after spending twenty-two years on the Oklahoma city police force.

It’s the same area she patrolled as an officer until her resignation on Monday.

Now she says its time to serve in a different way.

“I was a community oriented police officer, now I’m going to be a community oriented legislature,” says Sophia.

Sophia says she wants to focus on a number of issues stating, “I have a deep concern about peace and justice, about respecting the dignity of every human being and I still deeply believe in those issues.”

One issue she has no concern about is being the second transgender woman to run for a house seat.

The first was her campaign manager.

“People will talk, you know I’m not worried about it,” says Sophia.

One person who is concerned is Kristin Davis with Woven, a national online resource center for the LGBT community.

“I do believe it will be difficult I don’t know Paula personally but from what I know of her I think she has the wherewithal to face that kind of scrutiny,” says Davis.

With tough times behind her and tough times ahead Sophia says she is ready to accept her new calling.

“It’s time to move on, and sometimes when its time to move on its not exactly of your choosing you get called to do something and this feels right.”