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ARDMORE, Okla. – An Oklahoma woman was mauled to death by a pack of dogs.

The attack happened Thursday evening near a home on Banyon Road.

“From what it appeared, about seven dogs had attacked her,” said Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryant.

“We were outside swimming and then all the sudden heard gunshots and dogs and screams and a helicopter came,” said Trinity Reynolds, who was nearby.

As first responders on the scene tried to help the woman, the dogs turned on them.

“Unfortunately, yes. We had to shoot one dog,” said Bryant. “It did charge our deputies and to protect our deputies, as well as the medical personnel, we did have to put down a dog.”

The woman was rushed to the hospital where she passed away.

The sheriff says the remaining dogs were euthanized at the owner’s request.

Neighbors say dogs running loose in the area are a common occurrence. The sheriff says in the county area, there is no leash law or a rule on how many dogs a person can have.

As far as charges go, Bryant says the investigation is on-going and the district attorney has been contacted. But right now, it’s a time to grieve.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims, and obviously the rest of the community, because this is a very unfortunate situation,” said Bryant.