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She said she will be in the hospital for weeks.

CHECOTAH, Okla. – An Oklahoma woman was flown to the hospital after a neighbor reportedly commanded their pit bull to attack her.

Jackie Stone, 65, has been having trouble with her neighbor’s dog for a while, her nephew told Fox 23.

Her neighbor’s pit bull has allegedly attacked her dog multiple times in the past.

Eventually, Stone had to have her dog put down due to its injuries.

After that, Stone went to her neighbor’s home and asked the woman to keep the dog off her property.

Stone’s nephew says that is when the neighbor commanded the dog to attack Stone.

According to Fox 23, the pit bull took a huge chunk out of Stone’s arm.

Stone was flown to a Tulsa hospital where she is expected to undergo multiple surgeries.

Family members are now searching for the dog to make sure the animal is up-to-date on its vaccinations.

They say the neighbor got her dog and drove away shortly after the attack.

Stone’s daughter, Kim Stone, posted on social media that she doesn’t blame the dog for its actions.

“The owner is where we lay the blame,” Kim Stone said on Facebook. “She uses the dog as a weapon. And sadly the dog will also pay the price because of its owner. That is if the dog can be found.”