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Samantha Dominguez is a systems engineer at the Boeing Company in Oklahoma City.

Growing up in Texas her mom wanted her to have a career that was of service to people. She also wanted to work closely with the government and she says now she is able to do both.

Dominguez says the United States is the largest exporter of defense aircraft and her company provides services for U.S. allies.

“I work on the Airborne Early Warning and Control system. So it’s sometimes referred to as a flying radar system. Usually, most of the planes are a variant of the 737 and so I specifically help with the mission systems, the kind of the brains of the plane. Inside those planes, you would have a complex radar system, communication system. The airplane is kind of like a flying radar system and we’re able to detect enemies, detect friendlies, as well as being able to control the sky,” said Dominguez.

She is also passionate about encouraging children to dream big.

“I really want to provide an inner strength to children. Challenge yourself to do something that you never would think. The road less traveled, right? So, why not try and do engineering,” Says Dominguez.

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