MIDWEST CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – A Midwest City woman said she lost everything including her service dog in a house fire on Saturday night. She said three of her family members were in the home at the time of the fire but survived. 

The home was completely destroyed. The family told KFOR it’s not about the material items lost, it’s about the memories that are now gone. They also said they are grateful no family members were killed. 

“It was like a horror movie. Like, literally, I was terrified. I was distraught, shocked, just hysterical. It was like a straight horror movie,” said Candice Moten. 

Candice Moten said she was at work during the time of the fire, but her son and two grandchildren were sleeping in the home when it happened. 

“I pulled up to get ready to come in the house and they were running out screaming, call 911, and smoke was coming behind them and they didn’t have on any shoes. And I was just like panicked,” said Moten. 

Moten said her son is now left with a burn on his leg.

“My son that was in the house, his pant leg was on fire and he put it out and his socks was on fire, and so his feet was blistered from the fire,” said Moten.

Moten is now left with nothing and said she’s grateful everyone made it out alive. 

“I thank God that we’re alive. My granddaughter and my grandson did not die, my son. So that’s what I’m thankful for,” said Moten. 

But in tears, unfortunately her service dog didn’t make it. 

“My pregnant rottweiler died and they busted the back window to get my cat out,” said Moten. 

The Midwest City Fire Department told KFOR the fire started in the garage and that’s where she said her dog was during the fire. 

“The fire was shooting up in the air with black smoke and I was just screaming, you know, please try to save my dog and they couldn’t,” said Moten. 

Moten’s family was in tears, but are now coming together in a time of need.

“My door is always open. She has a place to stay… You could tell she was hurt and to see your house in flames. It’s just it’s crazy because in a matter of seconds, you could lose everything,” said Shaunte Bryant, Moten’s niece.

Shaunte Bryant, Moten’s niece said the home held several family keepsakes, but all that matters is everyone is safe. 

“She kept everything like an archive of just family memories, videos, pictures of family members had passed away. We don’t have any of that, and so it’s just, it’s really heartbreaking,” said Bryant.

Her granddaughter was there at the time of the fire told KFOR it was scary, but she’s more worried about her grandmother. 

“I feel very sad because my grandmother has nowhere to stay. She has to stay with family. She doesn’t have her house,” said Zareyah Harris, who was there at the time of the fire. 

The family has set up a GoFundme for her. If you’d like to help, you can donate here