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OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahomans supported local businesses by shopping local on Small Business Saturday.

The Oklahoma community was able to help increase local tax revenue by shopping local on Small Business Saturday.

It’s a day co-owners of Deer Creek Boutique, Tami Owens and Brittany Thompson, look forward to every year.

“All of our sales are really fun and we get a lot of attention for it and a lot of people come in and it’s a good time,” Thompson said.

“If you’re looking for something very unique, something that not everyone else is going to have then that’s what shopping local is to us,” Owens said.

Down the road at Tangles Salon and Boutique, they too enjoy encouraging Oklahomans to shop small.

“It’s so important to keep everything local just so we can keep the community going,” Amy Eichor, manager of Tangles, said.

Eichor said the annual occasion also gives them a chance to see some new faces.

“We’re really lucky and fortunate to have some great clientele that come and shop with us regularly, but small business Saturday really gives us new people that walk in the door, which is a lot of fun,” Eichor said.

That’s something local business owners would love to see more of.

“Your tax dollars are going to be staying local, you’re going to be giving back to your neighborhoods. Local businesses are more willing to support your local fundraisers and your schools and different things like that,” Thompson said.

Local business owners told Newschannel 4 they always have a great turnout on Small Business Saturday.