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(NBC / America’s Got Talent)

OKLAHOMA CITY — An Oklahoma girl just won the hearts of America along with one-million dollars on America’s Got Talent.

12-year-old Darci Lynne Farmer is a singing ventriloquist from Oklahoma City. She beat out 10-year-old singer Angelica Hale to take the top prize.

Following her first performance on the competition, she was given the Golden Buzzer by Mel B, meaning she advanced all the way to the live shows.

“Ventriloquism kind of helped me find my voice. It’s really helped me come out of my shell. My shyness is getting better,” Darci said.

On her official website, Darci wrote about how she got her start and her love for performing:

“Growing up, I loved to sing, but the thought of performing in front of an audience left me petrified. My parents encouraged me to pursue my love for singing and helped me overcome my timid demeanor.

I began participating in talent-based pageants and soon I was introduced to the art of ventriloquism. A young girl I met was a phenomenal ventriloquist and I was so inspired I decided to try it.

As I’ve grown up, performing for an audience has become more natural. Normally I am fairly reserved, but when I step out onto a stage I become an entirely new person; I open up and flourish. Performing has taught me a lot about who I am and who I can be.”

And what about her ultimate dream? While winning America’s Got Talent “would be amazing and life-changing,” she says she’s focused on spreading “joy and happiness through laughter and song.”

Simon Cowell shared his thoughts about Darci during a recent episode:

“This is what I think about you, Darci. When you can appeal to all ages is what you’ve done but this is what I believe. The best part of doing this job is when you are there and you can say I was there at the beginning of someone’s career and I witnessed a star. Tonight, again, I’ve just witnessed a star emerge because that’s what you are. You are special, incredible, funny, talented. I think you’re going to win.”

Congratulations Darci Lynne!