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OKLAHOMA CITY – Security plans are in place after vicious messages were left for Oklahoma Muslims, telling them to get out of Oklahoma and threatening to behead them.

CAIR, an organization that works to improve relations between Muslims and the rest of the community, received the disturbing messages.

One caller said: “That woman did nothing to that guy, did nothing to him and you hide like cowards. I’m buying a Qur’an, I`m going to publicly p*** on your s***, no good, f****** religion.”

Adam Soltani with CAIR says the caller was referring to the beheading that took place at Vaughn Foods in Moore.

He says since that one random act, that had nothing to do with their religion, the calls and messages have been piling up.

Another anonymous caller said, “Get your a** out of Oklahoma or we’re going to behead the whole God d*** Muslim zombie nation.”

This shocking voicemail prompted them to contact the FBI.

Soltani says these hate messages are targeting innocent peace-loving Muslims for one extremist’s actions.

“This one man who committed this one crime, is truly a criminal and does not represent the 40,000 Muslims in Oklahoma.” said Soltani

With a large portion of Oklahoma Muslims celebrating one of their biggest religious holidays this weekend, he says he’s taking these threats seriously.

“We have reached out to local law enforcement and we do have some off duty officers that will be coming to help, to make sure that our gatherings are secure and nothing does happen.” said Soltani